Best Things to Do in Tanzania

Best Things to Do with Kids in Tanzania

Tanzania located in the East of Africa is a natural place a kid will fall in love with by both physical sighting and storytelling.  Tanzania is regarded as the God-made Disneyland for kids, it has a wealth of amazing animals in their natural form. This East African nation makes kids know more about the ancient history of mankind and its activities.

It has a chain of historical sites for children to visit. It is also an ideal vacation spot for children, there are a plethora of white sand beaches for infants to relax and enjoy themselves. Though Tanzania has lots of things to offer to kids, here are some of the best things to do with kids.

Meserani Snake Park & The Maasai Cultural Museum Visit

The Meserani snake park is entirely a reptile habitat located in Arusha province. A guided tour at the park is one of the best things for a kid to do in Tanzania. He/she is able to come up close with the world’s deadliest snakes; the puff adders, Egyptian cobra, python, and black and green mamba. In this park, the kid is able to have a daredevil experience while he/she gets hold of a live snake.

On this guided trip around the Meserani, the infants lay sight on a colossal crocodile with a length of 3metre and touching a baby crocodile is a highlight never to forget on this expedition.

Within the Meserani Snake Park, there is a Maasai Cultural Museum to be visited and enjoy some rich history and heritage of the Maasai people, one of the indigenous races of people in East Africa.

The children enjoy a historical tour around the museum as traditions, norms, and rituals of the Masaai people are narrated to them. They also look at the different cultural tools that are and were used for their daily activities and during the wars.

Fun City Excursion

While in Tanzania, Fun city is the place to be for kids. The fun city was majorly established for children; it is an amusement park located in Dar es salaam. A day tour at the fun city amusement will blow your kid’s mind.

It has two sects that are the theme park and the water park.  This is a place that offers all sorts of kid rides and water activities and some of the activities for kids to engage in include breakdancing, bumper car driving, octopus rides, rollercoaster experience, super jet flying, frog jumping, merry cups, baby train rides, cyclone, wave pool, waterfalls, multi sliding, spiral sliding and so much more.  Kids are always left awestruck at an encounter of the fun city in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

Game Viewing in The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most popular places in Tanzania, it was named as one of the seven natural wonders in the world.

4×4 TXl Land Cruiser TanzaniaIt is a natural habitat for different species of animals from lions, elands, hippos, zebras, buffaloes, rhinos, wildebeest, and a variety of bird species. A game viewing experience with kids is both exciting and educative.

The kids get to physically see the wild animals they watch on television and read in books. They always have a moment of truth which is very exciting and amazing.

Merrymaking at The Sand Beaches of Zanzibar

If there is something kids love, it is playing in the sun, sand, and water. They get some much joy. With the sun, sand, and water at the kid’s feet, it is when you see his/her greatest smile.

The beaches of Zanzibar offer a huge grin on the kid’s face because of the presence of the sun, sand, and water to enjoy. Zanzibar is a coastal city part of Tanzania; it holds lots of beach resorts for kids to enjoy.

The onus is on the parents to choose the best beach for their kids. Apart from the sun. sand and water, the accommodation resorts, and campfire sites are ideal spots for kids to relax and wind their minds from school stress. Some of the beaches for kids to visit in Zanzibar are Bwejuu beach, Michamvi beach, Nugwi beach, Kendwa beach, and so forth.

Sightseeing at The Stone town

The stone town is one of the oldest urban areas of Tanzania. It depicts the works of the Arabs, Indians, and Europeans especially the Portuguese in the 18th century. It has so many historical sites for kids to visit and have insightful stories of how Africa was invaded by foreigners from other continents.

These ancient buildings or sites don’t only hold precious history but are also architectural marvels. They are very striking and beautiful to look at.

The places to sightsee in this historical town are old fort built by the Portuguese, St. joseph Roman catholic Church which exhibits the works of a popular missionary Dr. Livingstone,  Malindi Bamnara Mosque, the royal cemetery, and Persian baths. There are also ancient Arab shops known as the Dukas, the market streets (Bazaar) which used to be territories of Tippu Tip a renowned slave trader during slave trade times.  An encounter of the stone town enables kids to get to know what shaped Africa into the place it is right now.

Tanzania has so many amazing things for kids to do but the above mentioned are the most popular activities that infants enjoy and get elated.

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