Is Tanzania safe for solo female travelers

Is Tanzania safe for solo female travelers?  

Solo female travel to Tanzania is possible and safety should be prioritized. When traveling in Africa as a solo female traveler it is really important to know how to stay safe. If you are a solo female traveler, you may take extra precautions when traveling in Tanzania, although unwanted attention is more common than actual assault. 

As a female, you may attract a lot of attention, however, to avoid being made uncomfortable, consider dressing conservatively. This is especially true in the Islamic areas of Tanzania, which include Zanzibar and much of the Swahili Coast. Dress up in long dresses or pants to cover up most of your body. 

Is Tanzania safe for solo female travelers?  Make sure to research the hotels you would prefer to stay in carefully and always stay in a safe area. If you’re backpacking, book a private room or a bed in a girls-only dorm rather than a unisex one.

General safety rules for solo female travelers to Tanzania include booking accommodation in affluent areas, avoiding townships or informal settlements unless you visit on part of an organized tour, and making sure not to walk alone at night. 

If you plan on renting a self-drive car, keep the doors and windows locked when driving in the city and especially at traffic lights. Never leave valuables visible inside the car when you park because this could attract petty thieves to pick on your stuff. 

When self-driving avoid giving lifts to strangers as this could expose you to thieves. Never accept lifts from strangers and be wary of anyone trying to help you hail a taxi on the street. The safest bet is to arrange official taxis through a reputable source such as your hotel. Generally, crime is not an issue in Tanzania’s game parks and reserves.

Although the bush is home to plenty of dangerous animals, it’s easy to stay safe by simply following park rules and regulations and always listening to your guide.

Basic tips for safe travel in Tanzania’s national parks include staying in the safari vehicle at all times (unless you’re told that it’s safe to get out or on a nature walk) and checking shoes for venomous spiders and scorpions before putting them on. Don’t feed wild animals if they approach you at campsites, you’re only encouraging aggressive behavior. 

If you aren’t accustomed to traveling alone and have never traveled in Africa, Tanzania can be a difficult solo trip for first-timer female travelers. You’ll already stand out as a foreigner and being alone can also make you an easier target for scams or worse. But just because you’re arriving alone in Tanzania doesn’t mean you have to travel alone.

Research tour operators in the country based on what kind of trip you’re looking for so you can not only join a group of fellow travelers but also move around with local guides who know the area. 

However solo female travels in Tanzania can be successful when the traveler follows the safety tip that is normally provided. Some tips include;

  • Getting covered by travel insurance
  • Registering with your country’s official app for travel (if there’s one)
  • Request the safari company to have someone pick you up at the airport to the hotel, in order to initiate you into the country.
  • It is also advisable to book a hotel before travel
  • Avoid isolated areas and walking alone especially at night.
  • Be always aware of your surroundings; Keep your passport, visa, and important documentation in a secure place at the hotel and carry copies with you or have them on your phone. If you have to carry this documentation, carry it with you closely.
  • Be cautious of anyone who approaches you on the street
  • Do not leave your food or drink unattended
  • Regarding same-sex couples and couples in general, it’s better to avoid public displays of affection. 
  • Take taxis only from taxi ranks or hotels. Do not use unlicensed taxis 
  • Try to minimize the impression that you’re a newly arrived tourist. Walk with purpose and avoid looking at maps. 
  • Avoid carrying loads of cash or other valuables like jewelry or watches.

It is generally safe for solo female travelers to visit Tanzania. However, be extremely cautious and very advisable to travel with a guide. 

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