How much does it cost to go on safari Tanzania

How much does it cost to go on safari Tanzania?

Lodge Selection Matters: is it Budget or camping Safari 

Some lodges charge differently depending on the type of Lodge. For High-end Accommodation/Lodge will make the final cost high. For example, in Magashi hotel the cost is over $1000 plus for a night. So you cannot compare this with the final cost for the person staying in lazy camping where he/she spends $20 to go camping.

The National Park Selection 

How much does it cost to go on safari TanzaniaThe national parks are charged according to the traffic/visitors that visit that particular park. Factors to determine will be 

  • Accessible (Parks near the city, therefore, it’s easy to visit)
  • Uniqueness (Serengeti national park is $80 plus VAT 18% makes it all almost $98 per day compared to Arusha National Park which is $65 per day 
  • Location (some national parks are well-positioned for Serengeti and Nagororo are positioned where the migration takes place. And they have more animals.

Which National Park are you going to visit 

Someone going Kilimanjaro national park is near the airport than someone going from a park far away from the national park 

The duration of the trip 

This depends on how many days are spent on the trip. (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or Month)

The type Vehicle/ Mode of transportation Used

Are you using domestic flights, or are you using Road transport to connect to the different national parks? 

People with special requirements on the Trip 

For example, choosing a Spanish/ German/French-speaking guide they are paid highly like $100 therefore when you sum up all these the trip cost is high. 

The Season Matter 

During the migration there is no accommodation in the northern selection, there are 2 lodges. Therefore this time the lodges are expensive thus making your cost of the trip high.

Peak season – July to August, September to October, January to February.

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