Traffic Rules and Regulations in Tanzania

As you are planning to Drive in a different country like Tanzania, you have to first read through the rules and regulations on the traffic road before you enter the country to drive. As you organize a self-drive in Tanzania, we outline for you some of the road traffic rules to follow

Most of the countries have different traffic rules that differ depending on the country you are leaving in and Tanzania also may have different traffic rules compared to your country of origin. Before you start driving from the country you planning to have the holiday from you have to be observant enough in the new destination especially Tanzania which has slightly different traffic rules in Africa

Traffic rules to follow when driving in Tanzania

  • For foreign travelers to drive in Tanzania you have to be holding an international driving license with the experience of at least 6month.
  • The car should carry people according to the sitting capacity issued
  • When driving in Tanzania you have to keep your left hand.
  • All drivers in Tanzania are required to be 18years and above on Safari
  • Driving in urban centers you’re supposed to drive at 50kmhr and 80kmhr when on the highway and off the urban centers
  • To drive any car in Tanzania you need your vehicle to be with 3rd party insurance  that is valid
  • Every vehicle should have a registration certificate, insurance, and the driver should hold a valid driving license
  • you need to secure a driving permit from Tanzania and if you’re driving a foreign car from another country you need to register that car before two weeks of driving
  • Foreign countries residents are required to drive with a domestic driving permit but valid for at least 6month and the permit should be validated by the local traffic authorities
  • your not allowed to drive a car without putting on a seat belt if found you can be panelized
  • for any emergency during your Drive in Tanzania you can contact the police on 111 or 112
  • you can drive in Tanzania at the level of alcohol 0.007% in the blood and beyond this, you will be fined
  • all riders in Tanzania are required to put on the helmet
  • All drivers are advised to drive during the day because at night there are many pedestrians and cyclists
  • Traffic road fines in Tanzania are paid through mobile phones.

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