Traveling to Mt Kilimanjaro national park

When we talk about the largest volcanoes in the whole world Kilimanjaro is one of them with three main peaks named Mawenzi, Kibo, and Shira. One of the greatest mountains in the continent of Africa and the tourist attraction site in Tanzania, the highest pick is t 5,895 meters above the ground. on the top of the mountain, it crowned with snow

The major tourist activity that takes place in Mount Kilimanjaro is hiking to the top of the mountain and the surrounding hills and Savanah vegetation around the mountain are good for mammals  for habitant

In the morning when you arrive at the low level of the mountain a thick veil of snow will be settled on  Kilimanjaro  With unbelievably white in the sun view from a near distance and the closest town to Kilimanjaro is Moshi where most of the tourists have most of their time having fun and accommodation

Other Activities to Do at Mt Rwenzori

Besides the hiking, there is savannah vegetation which is the home for mammals and other tourist travel to visit the park. the mountain has seven vegetation Zones. The mountain is also surrounded by the mountain forest which is the home for different spices

Most of the tourists when traveling to Africa they expect to see the animals like lions’ Rhinos Elephants Giraffes Buffalo and many others all these animals are common in a most national parks in Africa especially on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro. But there are animals that are very rare in  Africa and this includes: Tree Hyrax,Aardvark,Civet, Crested porcupine, genet abbotts Duiker, Serval


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