Ngorongoro Crater camps “Simba Camp” in Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater has many camps but Simba Camp in Ngorongoro Crater is the only well-known tourist campsite in the park. they have basic facilities that are frequently described as “so-so,” Simba Camp is not a Tanzania safari lodge for those that want a nice place to stay but it gives you the best of the park view. Simba camp received many clients during the high season but has basic amenities like showers and toilets place the camp tents.

camping tentfrom the best I know it’s easier to say, Simba Camp is a great place to stay in the Ngorongoro Crater if you want to be up close to the animals. There are no gates to the campsite, so animals are free to wander in and around Simba Camp as they please. There are guards in case of unforeseen incidents, but Simba Camp is peaceful most of the time.

visitors can have a good time with animals within the camping area and the all-camp is given enough security from the guards to protect the clients in the a good place for camping and also you can book the camping tents within the park

the campsite has all that is required to do the camping and you don’t need to suffer from looking for the tent during your trip. the tents are always available only you need to book it 1week before the week of your arrival

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