Driving Through Tanzania

Travel Tips About Driving Through Tanzania: Self Drive Tanzania

Arranging a car rental in Tanzania will undoubtedly enhance your trip, with our self-drive you explore the most difficult parts of the countryside at your own pace. Serengeti is among the most visited parts of Tanzania with a lot of jams at the national park entrance for vehicles.  For one reason or another, Serengeti is a one-stop center of tourism in Tanzania, from the great migration of the zebras to the abundance and numerous wildlife including the big five a game drive in a comfortable car through the park will allow you to thrill through the rough road with so much ease.

Self-drive Tanzania offers you the best flexibility when exploring the Country, it’s a quick, affordable, and reliable way to bring you an aerial view of the country sight. With our specialized pop roof game drives in all our national parks are the best. The rough and tough roads of some of the terrains in the National park are conquered in our 4×4 cars which are maintained in good mechanical conditions and properly checked before they are given to our clients.

self driving TanzaniaTraveling with Family (with Kids) on a Self Drive in Tanzania

Whether you are a family with kids, even those that require car seats the very tender babies, we offer the car seats and you don’t have to worry, with an extended land cruiser a family, or even up to  6-8 members can all move through their holiday together. Self-drive Tanzania, we are associated with good customer relations and reliability as our clients have trusted us for their vacations.

Self drive in Tanzania with family and kids

Self drive in Tanzania with family and kids

Our prices are very affordable and pocket friendly for all your car rental needs, with a variety of choices to choose from, and make sure you enjoy and feel comfortable during your stay in Tanzania. We have all kinds of cars from luxury mid-range and budget for all kinds of occasions conferences, vacations tourists among the many.

Trips on Crossing the borders around east Africa

Crossing the borders around east Africa in our vehicles is made easy the only required cost would be the COMESA which will qualify you to cross any part of East Africa during your trip. With our self-drive offers, you tour any part at your own convenience and privacy is highly respected. The process at the border crossing is not complicated with a yellow fever certificate, you can travel the entire region with so much ease and confidence, and be assured of reaching your destination in good peace.

car rental Tanzania.We offer self-drive services, a car hire with driver and book safaris and accommodation and our clients find the value in every dollar in our luxury and mid-range cars with good air conditioners that are well maintained.  Our staff is amicable and very helpful they offer you just what you order and the drivers are well vast with all the routes in Tanzania and within East Africa, most of them have visited the destinations time and again so they are can be trusted for all kinds of destinations. Drivers are well trained and have valid licenses and are very knowledgeable about all kinds of wildlife, primates, and birds.

Our insurance policies are very easy to understand, and we offer our clients 24/7 road assistance. Book with us for an amazing private and memorable self-drive trip.

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