Tanzania is a wonderfully easy country to drive around as long as you stick to the main network of roads as most of these are tarred and reasonably well maintained (there’s the odd pothole and cow to watch out for), however, once you head off these roads, it’s a whole different ball game! The bush tracks within the parks are usually only maintained by other vehicles so don’t be surprised to find tracks running out, multiple tracks! This isn’t suitable driving for clients looking for an easy passage or those without adequate 4×4 driving skills. That said, for the adventurous amongst you – it can be extremely rewarding; just remember you need to be prepared with a fully equipped 4×4 vehicle (don’t even think about venturing into these areas without one), a stock of food/water and plenty of fuel – travelling in tanzania with a self drive Car Option from Self Drive Tanzania

For the most part, staying on the main roads and visiting some of the lodges close to them and heading into the more out of the way areas with professional guides from the lodges is perhaps not only more straight forward, but gives you the freedom to enjoy the open spaces of the country and deciding where you go, but also being able to relax and enjoy the experience.

Road Trips to Tanzania are Cheaper on Self drive Adventure, Explore the Beauty of Tanzania On a Self drive Holiday and Visit the Most Known National Park of Serengeti well Known for Wildlife.

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Toyota Rav4 @ $70

4x4 Rav4 Toyota Self Drive

A smaller 4door Rav4, suitable for up to two people from USD 70-80 Per Day without Driver and Fuel.

Toyota Rav4 @ $70

Car Rental in Tanzania

A smaller 4door Rav4, suitable for up to two people from USD 70-80 Per Day without Driver and Fuel.

Rav4 Toyota @ $70

Self Drive 4x4 Rav4

A smaller 4door Rav4, suitable for up to two people from USD 70-80 Per Day without Driver and Fuel.

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