4×4 Car Rental Dar-es-Salaam ($60/day) 2021: Self Drive Tanzania

Interested in Self Drive Car Rental Dar-es-Salaam & 4×4 Rental Dar es Salaam ($60/day) 2021? Book 4×4 Landcruiser, roof top tent cruisers & Rav4

Planning a Self Drive Tanzania Tour in Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam is the center of all Car Rental Deals in Tanzania for Self Drive Tanzania Tours, Tanzania Safaris, Guided Tours to explore various Safari Destinations of Tanzania as well as neighboring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi. While on Self Drive Tour, you can also go Wildlife Safari and Gorilla Trekking Tour.

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in Dar-es-Salaam

Dar-es-Salaam is one of Tanzania’s top Most Tourism Destinations with lots of attractions to see depending on the tastes and preferences of the travelers on Self Drive Tanzania Tour. The things to see, visit and explore in Dar-es-Salaam include; National Museum & House of Culture, the Village Museum, the Day Trip to Mbudya Island, the Day Trip to Bongoyo Island, Tanzanite Shopping in Dar es Salaam, Kivukoni Fish Market, Oyster Bay, etc.

Roads in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania

Dar-es-Salaam is served by highways that link Tanzania to other countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya as well as Arusha Town in Tanzania. These are earmarked to ease the daily motor traffic and the nearby regions in Tanzania.

4×4 Car Rental Services in Dar-es-Salaam

Planning car rental in Dar-es-Salaam? Self Drive Tanzania has the best Car Rental services for Car Rentals in Tanzania with a great list of fleets available for all travelers on Self Drive Tour in Tanzania.

Get the Best offer and Rate during the time of travel in Tanzania with free border crossing insurance of the Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Toyota Landcruiser v8, Toyota Landcruiser hardtop Lx on various Car Rental Deals i.e. Long Term Car Rental, One-way Car Rental, Short Term Car Rental, Car Rental with Driver in Tanzania. 

GX Land Cruiser

GX Land Cruiser

Go camping in Tanzania with GX land cruiser model 2004, working Ac, High clearance, 4 pax, Manual, Diesel, long-range Fuel Tank.

Extended Safari Land Cruiser

Extended Land Cruiser

Book a guided Safari in Tanzania to travel in luxury extended safari land cruisers, model 2013, working Ac, Manual, Long-range Fuel tanks.

Landcruiser Lx 78 79 new

Landcruiser Lx 78 /79

Rent a Toyota land cruiser 78 /79 series to explore the Zanzibar islands new model 2017, Manual , 5 pax, working Air Condition.

4×4 Land Cruiser 78

4×4 Land Cruiser 78

Explore Tanzania on a Self Drive Tour to various safari destinations in Tanzania with friends and family on a safari holidays.

What is Included on Your Car Hire Tanzania in Dar-es-Salaam

  • Working Air Conditioning
  • 4×4 Gear
  • Insurance
  • Manual Transmission
  • Experienced Driver
  • Diesel or petrol
  • New Models
  • Automatic