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Zanzibar is a very prominent safari destination to all travelers looking to enjoy time at the coastal beaches watching water bump onto the shores.

Zanzibar in TanzaniaZanzibar includes the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean about 25 to 50 kms (16-31 mi) off the coast of the mainland with numerous candid Islands and two vast ones i.e Unguja and Pemba Island.

Zanzibar City known as the Capital is situated on the Unguja Island with Stone Town as the historical Center and a world heritage site.

Zanzibar comprises of three major Industries i.e Spices, Tourism and Raffia and mainly produces Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Nutmeg.

The marine ecosystem of Zanzibar is a relevant part of the economy hence home to various fauna i.e endemic Zanzibar red colobus, the Zanzibar servaline genet, and the rare Zanzibar leopard.

Zanzibar is a very ideal to explore by all travelers with families and friends, on honeymoon and would like to enjoy remarkable Holidays while relaxed watching the Beach.

Things to do in Zanzibar on your Self Drive Tour

Visit Stone Town

Zanzibar Town in Tanzania

Stone Town is Zanzibar’s central point and trading center hence a destination every traveler should visit and explore while in Zanzibar.

Guided Walking Tour

Guided Walking Tour in Zanzibar

Take on a guided walking tour with a skilled travel guide who informs you about the various gems in the Town as well as unique attractions.

Learn About Slave Trade

Slave Museum in Zanzibar

While in Zanzibar, transfer to learn about Slave Trade at the Slave Museum where slaves were first kept before being sold into slavery.

Visit the Darajani Market

Darajani Market in Zanzibar Tanzania

While in Zanzibar, don’t miss out on visiting and exploring the Darajani Market so as to learn about the taste of life in Zanzibar in traditions.

Car Rental Fleets for Hire from Zanzibar

Standard Land Cruiser

Standard Land Cruiser

Go on a Self Drive Safari in Tanzania visiting the various safari destination in a standard Land Cruiser that takes you to any safari destination.

Roof Top Land Cruiser

Self Drive in Tanzania

Enjoy Self Drive Safaris in Tanzania in a Double Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser that transfers you to any safari destination in Tanzania.

Extended Land Cruiser

Self Drive Tanzania in Extended Land Cruiser

Book the Extended Land Cruiser to take you on Self Drive in Tanzania with friends and family at Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Parks.

Double Roof Top Cruiser

Self Drive in Tanzania with a Double Roof Top Tent Cruiser

The Double Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser is your perfect Self Drive Tanzania Vehicle to take you on Safari Tour in Tanzania.