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Land Cruiser Lx.

Car Rental with Rooftop tentsGet the latest Land cruiser 78 series with rooftop tent for a self-drive safari in Uganda with Self Drive Kenya. We do offer a 4wd Land cruiser without a driver from $ 140/day for adventure to Serengeti national Park, Arusha National Park.
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Land Cruiser V8

Roof Top Land CruiserBook Landcruiser v8 for a great adventure and explore Lake Manyara National Park & Climb kilimanjaro on Trek on the most affordable rate from USD 120/day with Rooftop Tent.

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Land Cruiser LX

Book Toyota land cruiser Prado with a pop-up roof to enjoy wildlife viewing in Savannah parks of Tanzania ( Serengeti , Tarangire  National Park, Ngongororo craters )  at the most affordable rate: from 105$ / day.
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