As the country Uganda tries to regain its business stability, the price of the fuel is charging the minds of the people. The country is trying to recover from the COVID -19 but other services are just increasing to be scarce. All business runs on the transport and fuel plays a big role in the economy

The fuel increase in Uganda comes as a result of border crossing restrictions between Uganda and Kenya. on the border between Uganda Kenya, all drivers are supposed to be tested at the rate of $30usd whenever crosiing the border, most of them complained about the condition and which even blocked the trucks for petroleum transporting the fuel into Uganda to stop as a result of riots by the drivers which caused the increase in price due to its scarcity in fuel stations, some parts of the country the fuel raised from 4300Ugx to 8000UGX per litre petrol other places in western Uganda the fuel level went up to 20000ugx per litre

But the minister according to the statement he made when he was asked about the high price of petrol pumps said the cause was the scarcity of product and once the issue is sorted out between the driver and the COVID 19 task force more fuel will enter the country and the fuel price will normalize because the price will become competitive

Uganda is one of the countries that face a problem with fuel the reason being that its a landlocked country, the transport costs of the fuel because to much from one country near the shore to the final destination Uganda,

The giants’ fuel supply in Uganda are total, shell, and Stabic, these three are the ones that determine the price of the fuel and the largest part of the fuel is transported through road. this means any riots on the driver results the scarcity of the fuel in the country hence the price raise

Its becoming expensive to every one in uganda to drive the car due to the high rate charged on the fuel and most of the vehicle in uganda use Petrol. uganda used to have a  fuel reserve tanks in jinja which used to support the econic during the catrophy in the country but now the fuel tanks when you visit the station you find it empty