Things to Know while Self Driving in Tanzania

Tanzania is a very ideal Safari Destination to explore while on Self Drive Tanzania Tour to Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire National Park, Katavi National Park and Gombe Stream National Park.

Things to Know while Self Driving in Tanzania

  • Renting a Car with Self Drive Tanzania

The most essential thing you should know about renting a Car in Tanzania is that despite the fact that most regions around the country have paved roads, there are also those that are unpaved.

So we recommend you transfer in a 4×4 vehicle that will handle all kinds of terrain to any destination of your choice for example the national Parks i.e. Serengeti National Park where the roads are quite rough.

  • Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Car in Tanzania

Everything you need to know about Road tripping in Tanzania on Self DriveDepending on where you prefer to go while on your visit in Tanzania, we believe that your fist stop will be in Arusha Town.

While interested in Self Drive in Tanzania, we advise you to book and hire a Car then we inform you by giving you our Office addresses where you pick up the Car then you inform us on where we pick it.

The Driver who gives you the Car at the Airport/ hotel, is the same one who picks it after you Rental. It is that Simple and flexible.

  • Driving in Tanzania

Tanzania is a Country of numerous varying Terrains from the City, Main Roads to the remote rugged roads that lead to various safari destinations.

While seated in your 4×4 Vehicle with good tyres, we advise you follow the Traffic Rules and Regulations as well as those governing the many safari destinations to enjoy the Self Drive Adventure in Tanzania.

  • Do not Drive at night in Tanzania

Tanzania is safe to explore while on Self Drive but during the Day so we advise our clients not to drive in the Night as this is not so safe especially in remote safari destinations around Tanzania.

There are few street lights outside Tanzania and all drivers drive with high beams on at night something so blinding and dangerous for you might get into an accident.

Although, in the country side on dirt Roads with lots of pot holes hence making it hard to see the road clearly in the dark. So please, drive during day.

  • Do not Put Your Trust in Using Google Maps

While in Tanzania, we recommend you use you travel map for Google maps cannot be fully trusted due to the fact that they don’t always recognize undriveable pothole ridden dirt roads with sharp corners something that might get you lost with in the remote areas around Tanzania.

We recommend you don’ts get off main Roads despite Google Maps trying to redirect you through shorter candid roads.

  • Be prepared for traffic in Arusha

If you plan to drive around Arusha Town, be prepared for the traffic around the Town due to the numerous roundabouts around the Town.

Drivers around the Town are good hence give way for you to go when convenient rather than them trying to push through. Later you will follow through the traffic mildly to your final destination in Tanzania.

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