Is individual travel with family safe in Tanzania? 

A Tanzania safari is a delight for all ages, and as such is an ideal family holiday. The excitement of the adventure is truly shared, allowing parents, grandparents and children to treasure memories for ever after.  Every Tanzania safari is so different; each wildlife moment is so distinct, that even old timers cannot claim to have seen it all before. 

There are many fabulous Tanzania family holidays however, careful consideration and planning is required on many fronts when putting together an idea of a family itinerary. These can be done on self-drive too with safety measures in consideration. 

Best Tanzania destinations for family trips 

There is no single fixed family itinerary in Tanzania, trips can usually be customized with both the Northern Circuit and Southern Circuit are equally family friendly. 

One form of family friendly itinerary in Tanzania can include; one night in the Arusha safari capital to recover from the international flight, afterwards visit the Ngorongoro Crater for two nights. Then, take a flight to the Serengeti for at least a four night stay to a sector where the wildebeest is probably migrating at. From Serengeti, take a short flight to Zanzibar Island for around five nights relaxing on the beach. This kind of trip arrangement is good for all family members as everyone gets to enjoy their kind of safari interest with the teenagers enjoying the stay at the beaches.

Although the famous safari destinations of Tanzania are classically considered to be the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Serengeti National Park, for a self-drive tour with family, you may prefer going a bit more off the beaten track to the wild Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. These parks offer more relaxed safari experiences, and depending on your children’s age, walking and boating. The usual game viewing safaris can get very tiring especially with children since the game drives involve early morning rises if you want to catch the best game. 

After planning a very family friendly itinerary of your choice, ensure to have good accommodations booked too. It could not be very much recommended to let’s say use camper vans with family. Relax and unwind in lodges where everyone including the kids can refresh for the way forward trip.

Also book your activities in accordance to the minimum age allowed to enter the parks or undertake some activities. You would not want to be disappointed arriving at a specific destination and some of the individuals are bounced back because of restrictions. Your drive directions or time can greatly be affected and eventually ruin the whole experience. 

Selous Game Reserve family trips 

Selous reserve is vast at almost the size of Switzerland, making it a one visit place not to miss out. At Selous, families, especially the kids, can enjoy beautiful walking and boating safaris. The reserve has great accommodation facilities with a rustic environment for all age groups with categories from budget to luxury. 

On a stay at the Sand River, kids and adults will be in exceptionally good time.  The view onto the river could be watched all day by adults in search of a beautiful view, and alike kids can be entertained by hippo pods grunting into the night, and during the day time fabulous fishing trips and boat rides. 

Ruaha National Park for Family Trips 

Ruaha National Park offers even a wilder experience for family travel. A stay at Mdonya camp offers a great option if you want the whole family to get the under-canvas experience. The guides throughout Ruaha are particularly good at entertaining children on game drives as they explore home to 10% of the world’s lions. 

For family travel, do not hesitate to have a self-drive safari in Tanzania and experience the best wildlife views alongside your family.