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Key Self Driving Rules and Regulations in Tanzania

  • Don’t Drink and Drive

While on your Self Drive Tour in Tanzania, ensure not to drink and drive so as to avoid any accidents along the Main Roads and safari destinations.

  • Carry your Valid Driving License

While planning to come for your Self Drive Tanzania make sure to carry with you a valid driving License to enable you drive swiftly along the various roads in Tanzania as you go from one safari destination to another. If the License is not in English, you will need an International Driving Permit.

  • Drive on the Left

While on Self Drive Tanzania, there is more than one lane to choose from but stick to the leftmost lane unless you are overtaking. This is what is accepted in Tanzania.

  • Give way to the Right at Roundabouts and Intersections

Key Self Driving Rules and Regulations in TanzaniaWhen on Self Drive Tanzania follow the traffic Rules and Regulations to drive safe to any destination around Tanzania. You can give way to the Right at Roundabouts and Intersections to avoid any inconveniences on the road.

  • Be Aware of Changing Speed limits

When Self Driving in Tanzania, be aware of changing speed limits as the speed signs are along the various Main Roads, country roads. Some are of 50kms, 40kms to 35kms.

  • Do not beep your horn unless you are warning other drivers of imminent danger

  • Do not Use/Talk on Phone while Driving

While on your Self Drive Tour in Tanzania, ensure not to use or talk on phone for this will reduce your concentration on the road leading to accidents.

Safety Driving Tips in Tanzania

  • Be aware of long distances

Tanzania is a huge country with numerous Cities/Towns so we advise Self Drive Tanzania Travelers to make sure to have enough fuel, food and water as service stations, shops and supermarkets can be far or few along the roads.

  • Take Basic Camping Gear

When planning to take on a Self-Drive Tanzania Tour ensure to carry basic camping Gear i.e blanket, small gas-fire heater, headlights, a warm jacket, torch and a puncture repair kit.

  • Take a 15 minute Rest Along the Journey

During your Self Drive Tanzania Tour, the heat and humidity levels might get high so we recommend you take a 15-minute rest every 2 hours. Plan your route in advance with marked rest points i.e truck stops and revival points.

  • Take Plenty of Fresh Air on you Breaks

While on your Self Drive Tanzania Tour make sure to take plenty of fresh Air on all the journey breaks you have as this will help you relax and enjoy every bit of your Tour in Tanzania.

  • Look out for other longer Vehicles

When Self Driving in Tanzania, make sure to look out for longer vehicles along the roads as you give them enough room and in case you are overtaking, be very careful due to their length.

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