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Hiring a car long term means you can be driven in an almost brand-new car, with low mileage, over an extended period of time, without needing a large amount of money upfront. You won’t have to worry about the car’s value depreciating daily, or about paying for routine services.

Car Rental Congo offer single car-to-fleet acquisition and management solutions that deliver significant cost savings, reduced administrative hassles, increased productivity and risk mitigation  when your on project is on long rental term.

Land Cruiser Lx.

land CruiserHaving a project  & looking for car hire in congo? Car Rental Congo offers the best car hire services on long term hire with driver  from US$ 120 / day.
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Land Cruiser V8

LandCruiser v8Looking for luxury landcruiser for short term car hire in congo ? Car rentals offers transfers to all national parks in congo with a driver from 110 USD.

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Land Cruiser Hybrid

Nee Model Land Cruiser LuxuryVisit Congo & travel in luxury project hybrid land Cruiser while in Congo for business trip or safari in Congo with Car Rental Congo from 160 USD/ day.
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In the Long Term Rental option we also provide a fully trained and verified chauffeur along with the car for project , embassy & mining projects in Dr congo with Monthly rates. When you rent a car you deserve all the extras like noise reduction features, rear-seat heat, air conditioning, and duplicate audio and climate controls. Rent a true luxury car!

Drive-in style and comfort with your family in a spacious luxury car and enjoy a high-performance driving experience. Luxury car models available in Car rental Congo are Jeep, Mini Bus , Nissan, Toyota.

Fleets  available in all locations.

  • Goma City
  • Bukavu City
  • Butembo City
  • Kinshasa Town
  • Kisangani Town
  • Beni Town

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