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4×4 Self Drive East Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda Ethiopia & Uganda

Self Drive Tanzania offers Self Drive East Africa in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia & Uganda at ($60/Day). Are you looking for Self Drive East Africa /Car Hire Rental East Africa?

Key points to consider when hiring a 4×4 Self Drive East Africa

  • Vehicle authorization papers (Yellow card – is paid extra 50$ depending on the number of days you wish to stay in a foreign country)  normally to avoid problems better get it from the company that your renting the car from most times the border they might give the fake one. – Logo Book of the Vehicle, an authorization letter from the owner of the car or whose names appear on the logo book & a photocopy of the passport or ID of the owner.
  • Fire Extinguisher & 2 triangles normally the police ask for them in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia those help in case of problems like Vehicle break down, flat tyre
  • From each country visited a prove of exist confirmation of the Vehicle from that particular country & the customs.
  • For Long 4×4 rental always space your activities & on pace
  • Avoid drive at night this can be avoided through spacing your activities & not over-depend on GPS. problems that happen at night are hard to determine & indefinity
  • Always focus your mind on which side of the road you have to drive on. Francophone & Anglophone that’s left/right always stay on the correct side I.e. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania they drive on the left side while Rwanda Burundi Congo the steering is on the left but they drive on the right.
  • always stick to your side
  • driving in a foreign country your original home driving permit can drive up to 3 months. Beyond that having an international driving permit is an added advantage.
  • normally one way comes with an extra cost depending on point of vehicle pick up and vehicle drop-offs. Incase most cases it involves extra fuel costs, bus tickets or train tickets, and accommodation for the driver who will come to pick the car. All those costs are covered by the hirer. At some time must pay parking tickets given to him/her during the time of the rental
  • any accident caused by the hirer without any excuse is subjected to drive guide at an additional cost of 50$/day in Kenya & Tanzania. Rwanda 40$/day, Uganda 35$/day including the bus ticket to where the accident took place from.
  • to every client who has the hope to cross the border must notify the hirer in advance so that the paperwork is prepared at an additional cost. Insurance for a month 50$/month
  • Regarding Car, we always advise the hirer to follow what the speedometer reads on the dashboard and reads any sign that appears on the dashboard of vehicle in case unknown light appears the driver has to stop and notify the owner of the car because you never know it can affect the car. The normal temperature has to look like how the photo appears up there is no red light has to appear on the dashboard of the vehicle. if something unusual happens inside the car be helpful to notify the owner of the vehicle of what is happening failure to do so any problem that happens with a car the hirer will be 100-percent responsible to restore the problem back to its original state