Overdrive around lake Victoria vacation package on self-drive with a rooftop tent:

TOUR ROUTE: Nairobi – Tanzania- Rwanda-Uganda and end of the trip


Lake Victoria is one of the greatest lakes in east Africa and it covers an area of 68,800 km²  Lake Victoria is shared by three countries only supplies the source of the Nile. for better safari self-drive is needed with a rooftop tent. The countries that shared Lake Victoria are Uganda Kenya and Tanzania. The best part of Lake Victoria is within Tanzania and my trip to self-drive around Lake Victoria starts from Kenya and ends in Uganda. The best itinerary starts from Kenya and ends in Uganda.

On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta international airport early in the morning, you head to the main city of Kenya. The common know city in Africa and the largest city in Kenya is called Nairobi and known as the green city in the sun and the safari. The surrounding area forms sub the Nairobi county and the city is surrounded by numerous expanding villa suburbs. the city offers a variety of services and different combinations of wildlife and nightlife and this includes music clubs, shops, markets and different national Museums. You need 2days to move around Nairobi city to see the different activities mention aboveWhat is Tanapa in Tanzania

The next day you travel to Masai Mara and camp in Masai Mara for 3days the greatest tourist attraction in Kenya and it needs like 3days in Masai Mara on the self-dive. you can have the game drive in Masai Mara and after three-day, it’s well known for the seasonal immigration of the wildebeest, you cross the border for the next day to Tanzania


Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and it has a lot of features to visit. After spending  5days in Kenya on the fifth day you will cross the border from Kenya to Tanzania the easiest point to cross is and enter into the Serengeti national park where you will enjoy the wildebeest in the month of August and September when they are crossing from Serengeti to Masai Mara game reserve to look for new pastures, this will take you 2days in Serengeti and on the second day you travel to another national park in Tanzania like Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro, and Arusha national park depending on your interest. besides the parks, mentioned above, you can visit also lake Tarangire and Manyara national park

For the best explore on Tanzania before crossing over to Rwanda you need to spend like 7days in Tanzania, other activities on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania side is birding if you interested in birds



animals in AkageraSince the best way to enjoy Lake Victoria is by passing through the water from Tanzania you need to cross to Rwanda through Mwanza, Rwanda is not one of the countries that share Lake Victoria but it’s the easiest border country through Lake Victoria of Tanzania and Uganda. Before proceeding to the pearl of Africa Uganda you need to speed like two days in Rwanda. And the capital city of Rwanda Kigali has a lot of activities including the City tour lake Ihema for a boat cruise, Genocide museums in Rwanda and you can visit Akagera National park the best National park for a game drive in Rwanda

Uganda the pearl of Africa

You need like 13 days to explore Uganda at least for the best safari. Kigali city tour and From Rwanda, on the third day, you will cross to Uganda bypassing the Gatuuna border and travel to Kisoro for the gorilla trekking for the next day, after gorilla trekking the next day you’re transferred to ishasha I to the home of tree-climbing lion and travel to queen Elizabeth national park from a queen you travel to Kibale national park for the chimp trekking, after trekking the chimp you can tour around fort portal for the crater lakes as we know that fort portal has 100s of crater lakes and later you travel to the Murchison falls national park where you will see the beauty of the Murchison waterfalls in Murchison falls you can do the game drive, boat cruise and birdwatching, the next activities you can do are rhinos and visiting sippi falls from sippi fall you pass to the source of Nile where you will do various activities like rafting kayaking and zip-lining in mabira. From the source of the Nile, you will travel directly to Entebbe where you will have a night and the next day you board the flight at Entebbe international airport for the departure and that makes it the end to the 21days around Lake Victoria package on self-drive


Gorilla trekking and an optional community walk Game drive and Boat cruise, Chimp trekking and transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park Transfer to Murchison Falls. Are the main highlight of the Uganda safari?